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A Letter from Ross Dickmann: Welcome November!

Nov 4, 2016 | Senior Living

Welcome home to all our snowbirds who’ve just returned from their northern summer homes. You’ve been missed and we eagerly look forward to having you back with us in Bonita Springs. The weather is absolutely spectacular. One can feel a sense of rejuvenation in the air; a certain sense of excitement that pairs nicely with fellowship, holidays and family. November is more than the penultimate month on the Julian calendar. In our northern hemisphere, November identifies as late fall and early winter. In south Florida it’s simply known as “heavenly”.

By the time you read this article a number of significant events have already passed or will occur within days. First, and perhaps least favorable, is my annual letter to residents addressing the cost-of-living adjustment. Admittedly, recital of the local telephone book is often more appealing than reading about price increases. Don’t worry, the news is really quite good this year. Then you have the general election to look forward to….and you thought my letter was painful. The election is best compared to the removal of an old bandage. Just rip it off without hesitation on November 8th and it’s behind you for another four years. Now on to Thanksgiving with family and friends. Is there a more wonderful time to enjoy the company of people we love? I think not! You’ll enjoy delicious food, a few glasses of cheer, watch some football, enjoy delectable desserts and even mentor the grandchildren on paths to opportunity and greatness. Finally, you’ll enjoy cordial discussion on the merits of the November 8th election only to make comments found to be offensive by someone not sharing your views.

Remember, this is a time to give thanks, so brush off the hyper-sensitive person because there’s plenty of fun to be had for the remainder of this month. November also represents that time of year when we astute mind-ed people get everything in order for year-end. Tax season isn’t far off and no better time exists for reviewing those unopened Medicare and co-insurance bills. Everything looks in order except….wait a minute, you just realized you’re being billed $9500 for a hemorrhoidectomy in lieu of your full knee replacement at NCH. After 3 hours of telephone time with United Health, being transferred to four different customer service representatives and experiencing an excruciating headache from sharing most intimate details with people you’ve never met, the medical billing error is resolved. Thank goodness! Now you’ve earned some R&R starting with a scotch and soda. As you assume the relaxation position, an ear piercing fire alarm activates, running a cold chill up the spine. Unbeknownst to you, the couple next door just reheated their leftover Thanksgiving turkey a tad too long.

Yes, November is a wonderful time of the year with December holidays coming on the heels. Don’t take life too serious. Enjoy the holidays and be well.