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Living life to the fullest: The Terraces’ Vitality Program encourages residents to be “the best that you can be”

Jun 21, 2018 | Health & Wellness

Passion and dedication are the highlights of a conversation with Mellanie Saunders, The Terraces director of rehabilitation. She loves to share her knowledge about wellness and realistic strategies to improve and enhance the lives of others.

A warm welcome

One of Mellanie’s favorite aspects of her job is welcoming new residents to The Terraces, collaborating with them to identify health goals and to create a plan to achieve them. For some, that means losing that stubborn 10 pounds that won’t budge, for others it might mean creating a workout plan to build muscle strength, or making simple changes in the home environment to improve safety.

“It’s a unique situation for every individual,” Mellanie explains. “We have former Olympians among our residents as well as people who have never worked out a day in their life – we customize a program that works for everybody.”

Staying in motion

Whether it’s a balance class, a session in the fitness center with a personal trainer, or climbing up and down a few flights of stairs, Mellanie and the staff cheer on movement, big and small.

“I recently met a gentleman who had been very active, but stopped stair climbing due to pain in his hip,” Mellanie explained. “I showed him one simple hip flexor stretch, and within a week he was right back at it. Little things can make a huge difference!”

What’s new & exciting?

The staff at The Terraces is excited about innovating new programs and welcoming new ideas. “Rock Steady,” a fun and fit boxing program is offered one time per week over the summer months, and will increase to two times per week during the fall season.

Watch for other new programming coming soon!

In the meantime, The Terraces rehab department works closely with our Fitness Director to help customize residents’ fitness plans, encourage individual accountability, and to provide motivation to keep everyone at maximum activity and health.

“We can even assist with making good menu choices and better meal options,” says Mellanie. “Nothing drastic, even small changes will make a difference.”

Resources abound

It’s important to note that good health is reflected not only in the body, but in the mind and spirit as well. The Terraces’ team is here to help with a variety of resources for depression, anxiety or simply to lend an ear when you need one.

Next steps to a healthier you

What’s next? Stop in and say hello at the outpatient clinic on the first floor. Contact Mellanie or one of the other team members about your goals and/or your concerns. Pick up your Vitality Introduction Packet at the concierge desk to get you started. Finally, start with small steps just to get back into motion, or to enhance your already existing routine.

As author Vic Johnson wrote, “It’s never too late, and you’re never too old.”