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Dr. Adrian Kerr Presents: Who Really Discovered America?

Oct 1, 2019 | Recent Campus Events

Stepping through the doors of the Performing Arts Center at The Terraces at Bonita Springs was like stepping back in time during the recent program “Who Really Discovered America?” presented by Dr. Adrian Kerr, a specialist in Ancient Civilizations and Cultures and the Director of Corporate Training at Florida Southwestern. Dr. Kerr took residents and visitors through a detailed and vast historical timeline spanning several Ice Ages and explorations that took place from 40,000 BC to the 17th century. The audience was riveted.

who really discovered America? presentation

Rather than making a definitive pronouncement on who actually discovered America, Dr. Kerr shared a world of possibilities. Could it have been a migration across Beringia, or perhaps the Kelp Route from South America? Curious Europeans who island hopped across the Atlantic? A bold St. Brendan the Navigator? Maybe the adventuresome Leif Erikson – a solid guess fortified by Norse longhouses discovered in various spots in North America. Some theories point to China with seven voyages taking place during the Ming Dynasty. There’s even a case for the Welsh that describes a circa 1150 voyage by Prince Madoc. Traditionalists may cite Christopher Columbus – but did he ever broach the shores of North America? Or was that Cabot? Verrazano also makes a brief appearance. Dr. Kerr deftly navigated a myriad of options of who came when, and who came first.

His presentation offered historical theories for each claim, supported by slides and entertaining graphics, and peppered with light hearted anecdotes. In the end, Dr. Kerr’s ultimate conclusion was left up to the audience to ponder. History gives us a spectacular selection of scientific evidence, storytelling, artifacts, and ancient maps…so who do you think really discovered America?

More about Dr. Adrian Kerr

Dr. Kerr has spent over thirty years researching, writing and broadcasting on the history of mankind. Described as “a leading historical populist”; he is a published author and appears on television and radio programs which focus on ancient history, culture, and comparative religion. He is also in demand as a moderator for topical historical/political events, and he provides the voiceovers for museum tours. 

Kerr is particularly well known and respected for the interactive popular talks he gives to inquiring audiences around the world and has been acclaimed for being able to present complex historical, political, and religious issues in a straightforward, balanced, and enjoyable manner. He is particularly noted for his ability to compress thousands of years of complex history into an enjoyable, often humorous, summary which leaves audiences focused on the main events. He is a guest lecturer at university alumni groups which include Columbia and Harvard.

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