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5 Signs You’re Ready for a Life Plan Retirement Community

Aug 10, 2021 | Senior Living, Additional Resources

What do you want out of your retirement? How do you picture yourself living tomorrow or a year from now – or ten years from now? What sort of lifestyle are you currently living, and are there things you wish you could change or take off your plate? Have you been wondering about what will happen in the future and how you can take steps to ensure peace of mind and safety for you, no matter how your health needs may change?

If you’re of retirement age (or have long since retired) and have been asking yourself these questions more and more often, it may be time for you to look at moving into a Life Plan Retirement Community.

“Moving to a Life Plan Retirement Community can help you enjoy the lifestyle you want and deserve sooner rather than later,” says Michele Wasserlauf, Executive Director at The Terraces at Bonita Springs. “Older adults who are still healthy and active are the ones who really can benefit from everything that Continuing Care Retirement Communities offer. In fact, we’ve heard from many of our residents that they wish they’d moved here sooner so they could have enjoyed our lifestyle that much earlier and had the financial security that a Life Plan brings.

Michele says that moving to a Life Plan Retirement Community provides the best of both worlds for older adults. “You say goodbye to tedious tasks like yardwork and cleaning and instead get to spend time doing things you love with friends and family,” she says. “Plus, you have peace of mind that you’ll always have the care you need, whether you require an assisted living apartment or memory care services. It’s the best of both worlds – what’s not to love?”

If you’re wondering whether a move makes sense for you, here are five signs you may be ready for a Life Plan Retirement Community.

You’re tired of dealing with all the tasks of home maintenance.
If your current home is paid off free and clear, you may wonder how you benefit from moving to a community where you need to pay a monthly fee. While living in a mortgage-free house is very attractive, there are still plenty of costs that you must manage, all of which can add up quickly (and surprisingly). Think about everything you pay on a yearly basis, from repairs to taxes to insurance to utilities and myriad other things. And what about the labor costs you “pay” if you’re doing things like yardwork, cleaning, and cooking? Even if you’re able to do all those things, do you really want to keep doing them? Or would you rather say goodbye to those chores and instead live a life that revolves around you and your passions? Independent living communities and Life Plan Retirement Communities allow you to do just that by giving you a maintenance-free lifestyle.

You’re bored or lonely and want to expand your social circle.
As we age, friends and family members often move away, and retiring means that the social opportunities you had while in the office dwindle. Many older adults find that they don’t know what to do with their time and have a hard time finding new friends and acquaintances to do things with. A Life Plan Retirement Community drops you instantly into a network of like-minded people in the same stage of life as you who are ready to enjoy everything retirement has to offer. Making friends is incredibly easy. In fact, all you have to do is step out your front door.

You want to be able to focus on your health and wellness.
Staying healthy and active is especially important as we age because it helps so much with maintaining a high quality of life. However, taking care of our health can be difficult as we get older (or even when we’re younger), just because it’s so much work. Of course, health and wellness is so much more than just eating right and getting enough exercise. No wonder it can seem like a full-time job to stay healthy. This is one of the great benefits of moving to a Life Plan Retirement Community. Every aspect of the lifestyle and the community has been designed to help seniors age gracefully and stay healthy. Plus, since you don’t have to do chores and home maintenance, you have that much more time to focus on your health.

You’re tired of cooking (and everything that goes with it).
Cooking may not seem like a chore to you. But when you think about it, it’s actually a lot of work. Grocery shopping, meal prep, cooking, cleaning up and doing it all over again – as you get older, it can get, well, old. Instead of eating takeout and opting for other unhealthy options, why not move to a place where you basically have your own personal chef? Senior communities have incredible dining these days, with restaurant-style dining rooms, casual bistro options and an ever-changing menu of delicious, nutritious dishes prepared by a professionally trained on-site chef. Bon appetit!

You want peace of mind for the future.
Today, you want to enjoy your retirement to the fullest. Tomorrow, you want to be sure you’re cared for so that you can continue living an enjoyable, fulfilled lifestyle. A Life Plan Retirement Community provides the independent living you want now and the additional care you may require down the road. All levels of care are available on campus, which means that you have a true home for life, no matter what. It’s a lot easier to age well when you’re in a place that’s been designed to meet your every need at every stage. And it means you get to age in place – because you’ve spent so many years at the community that it has become a true home.

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