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How To Make a One-Bedroom Senior Apartment Work for You

Nov 17, 2022 | Senior Living

Are you getting tired of cleaning rooms you no longer use? Do you feel overwhelmed by tending to outdoor landscaping? Have you had it with hiring and paying professionals for home repairs?

If you’re an older adult who’s answered “yes” to any of the above questions, a fresh start in a smaller space could be the reprieve you’ve been looking for.

The Terraces at Bonita Springs is a retirement community offering a variety of living options that meet your desire for worry-free living.

Learn the benefits of downsizing to a cozier living space and tips for making the most out of your new one-bedroom apartment, below.

The benefits of downsizing to a senior living community

Downsizing may seem like a challenge, but it’s actually quite liberating. Here are just a few ways in which you can benefit from the process:

  • No more home maintenance.
    At our senior living community, all indoor and outdoor maintenance is taken care of for you. No additional fees for repairs or utilities. This means you’ll be able to spend more time taking part in activities you enjoy without worrying about daily household chores.
  • Less stuff.
    Have you been an empty nester for a while? If so, your family home may be filled with furniture, decor, tools and clothing you no longer use. Downsizing is the perfect time to eliminate clutter and keep objects that have sentimental value instead.
    Consider donating items to charity or passing them along to family members – or throwing them away. You’ll feel better knowing they’re being used and enjoyed by others. And let’s face it, we’ve all accumulated items that might just be better off in the dustbin.
  • True, worry-free living.
    With every service and amenity and different levels of senior care – including assisted living and memory care – provided in one convenient location, the end result of downsizing will be worth the move. No more property taxes to pay, either. Just the comfort of a perfectly sized residence met with a fulfilling independent lifestyle and unlimited access to support – today and for the rest of your life.

Now that you understand the major benefits of downsizing, you can feel more confident making the move to a senior living community.

How to make the most out of one-bedroom senior living in Bonita Springs, FL

Rest assured there are ways to make a senior living apartment feel grand. At The Terraces, residents choose from five independent living one-bedroom floor plans. The best part? Each apartment has a terrace with a screened lanai to let in natural light.

Here are some of our expert tips for making even more out of your one-bedroom residence:

    1. Bring the essentials.
      A bed, seating, and a small dining table are the only major pieces of furniture necessary for moving into a one-bedroom. Including too much furniture will cramp the space.
    2. Go big with multipurpose items.
      If you need more storage than what’s already provided in our roomy closet spaces, implement multipurpose furniture. Storage benches and tables that double as desks or craft spaces are helpful.
    3. Limit artwork and decor.
      We encourage all residents to make their new apartment feel like home, but we recommend utilizing pieces to help open up the space like mirrors or one piece of artwork that acts as a focal point.
    4. Go vertical.
      Vertical bookshelves and stackable storage containers take up less floor space. If ever you need help getting something down from a shelf, our staff is always available to assist.

Discover the perfect place and space to retire.

At The Terraces at Bonita Springs, we take the maintenance and worry out of everyday life. Choose from a variety of floor plans to feel right at home, satisfying dining options, and engaging social activities. Learn more and begin to picture your future here when you take a virtual tour of our most popular residences. Call 239-208-6963 to learn more about how you can receive free Pack-and-Move services for ease and convenience.