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Meet The Terraces Team: Jenna Drese, Senior Living Transitions Specialist

Jun 1, 2024 | Community News

For more than a decade, Jenna Drese has dedicated herself to making the transition to senior living a smooth and fulfilling experience. As a senior living transitions specialist at The Terraces at Bonita Springs, she’s witnessed firsthand the challenges and excitement that come with this new chapter.

With her unwavering positivity, insightful guidance, and in-depth knowledge of our community, Jenna transforms what could be a stressful process into a positive and empowering journey. Let’s delve deeper into Jenna’s remarkable journey at The Terraces and discover how her expertise helps residents embrace the vibrant possibilities that await them.

Answering the Call To Help Seniors

Jenna’s journey with The Terraces at Bonita Springs began more than 15 years ago, and her dedication to the community has only deepened with time.

Drawn to the idea of helping seniors navigate major life transitions, she found her calling as a senior living transitions specialist. It’s a role that resonates deeply with Jenna, allowing her to tap into her compassionate nature and make a genuine difference in the lives of others.

“Being present during those pivotal moments, seeing the mix of emotions a senior goes through – it’s what drew me to this work,” Jenna explains. “There’s a vulnerability and courage required when embracing change, and I’m honored to walk that path alongside them.”

Empowering Residents With a Smooth Transition

“For me, the most rewarding aspect is seeing a resident who was initially hesitant become genuinely excited about their new life,” Jenna shares. “That transformation, from apprehension to a sense of belonging and renewed purpose – that’s what makes it all worthwhile.”

Through Jenna’s attentive guidance, the transition into The Terraces at Bonita Springs becomes less about what residents might leave behind and more about a whole new world of possibilities ahead. Within a few weeks, residents often find themselves more engaged and active than before, enjoying the community’s social atmosphere and dynamic activities.

Creating strong connections within the community is essential. Jenna understands that leaving familiar surroundings can be a challenge, so she encourages residents to join social events, try new hobbies, and explore all The Terraces offers. Seeing residents flourish in this new environment is what truly inspires her to excel in her role.

Jenna’s Advice: Start the Conversation Early

Jenna encourages those considering senior living to start the conversation early. “Don’t wait until a move becomes urgent,” she advises. “By making this a choice rather than a necessity,

the entire experience becomes less stressful, and you have time to fully explore your options.”

She also emphasizes the importance of truly listening to the resident’s wishes, even when family members are involved. “Sometimes, families have well-meaning intentions, but ultimately, this is about the resident’s future,” she explains. “While there might be some adjustments, my goal is to honor their choices as much as possible.”

a staff member of The Terraces chatting with a resident while dusting her apartmentDispelling Myths and Easing Worries

Moving to a new home, even under the best of circumstances, can be accompanied by some degree of anxiety. Jenna understands these feelings intimately. “There’s often a fear of the unknown,” she explains, “New residents worry about fitting in, leaving cherished possessions behind, and the logistics of the move itself.”

Another common concern Jenna encounters is the perceived cost of senior living. “Many people believe that moving to a community like The Terraces will be a significant financial strain,” she shares.

“However, when you factor in the costs of home maintenance, dining, utilities, and potential future health care needs, senior living often proves to be a surprisingly affordable, even cost-saving, option.”

Jenna’s Advice: Get To Know the Community

To ease anxieties about the unknown, Jenna encourages prospective residents to “test the waters” by visiting the community, attending events, and getting to know fellow residents and staff beforehand. This familiarity brings a sense of comfort and anticipation, making the actual move far less challenging.

There are plenty of friendly faces ready to welcome you at The Terraces. Join us for a variety of events, activities, programs, presentations and more! You can learn more about getting to know our community by visiting our Facebook page, browsing our events page, or contacting our team online.

Providing a Helping Hand

With Jenna by their side, the transition to The Terraces becomes a journey of ease and anticipation for new residents.

Her process starts with understanding. During a home visit, Jenna and a professional moving vendor take inventory, discuss what to keep and what to donate, and provide a detailed furniture placement plan for the new residence.

“Sometimes, the hardest part is visualizing how everything will fit,” Jenna observes. “Giving residents a clear picture helps ease anxieties and allows them to focus on the benefits of downsizing and the exciting possibilities within their new community.”

Jenna’s Advice: Simplify the Downsizing and Moving Process

Simplifying the downsizing and moving process is essential for a stress-free transition to senior living, allowing residents to focus on the exciting possibilities of starting this new lifestyle.

Jenna offers residents resources for donations and emphasizes the benefits of our Pack and Move Program, comprehensive packing, moving and unpacking services provided by our partners at Turn Key Senior Transitions.

The Terraces residents gathered in a home kitchen for wine and cheeseA Warm Welcome Awaits at The Terraces at Bonita Springs

Jenna’s compassionate dedication makes all the difference, guiding residents toward new beginnings filled with friendship, purpose, and joy. With empathy and expertise, she helps residents navigate the practicalities of moving while honoring their wishes.

The Terraces at Bonita Springs offers a vibrant community where residents quickly find a sense of belonging. If you or someone you love is ready to explore the possibilities of senior living, Call 239-208-6963 to schedule a personalized visit, and discover how The Terraces is the perfect place to embrace a fulfilling new chapter.