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Enhance Your Florida Retirement with Extra Income

May 16, 2022 | Additional Resources, Senior Living

Florida is known as a retirement mecca due to its abundance of fun leisure activities and great weather. According to recent research, over 19% of the current population is over age 65. Once you retire to the Sunshine State, you may want to work to supplement your income or fulfill a long-held dream of running your own business.

Experience the Benefits of Working in Retirement

Working after your retirement offers many benefits beyond the extra income. For one thing, a job can help you adjust from a demanding career to the more leisurely pace of retirement. It can also provide you with a sense of purpose, keep you fit mentally as well as physically, and provide you with new friends.

Choose from a Variety of Jobs

There are a variety of jobs available to you as a senior adult. The best position is the one you are passionate about doing. Why not turn a hobby into a career? Consider offering lessons in your community or a local dance studio if you love to dance. If you enjoy creating crafts, you can sell your products at local stores, farmers markets or craft fairs. Your photography skills could lead to work as a wedding or family portrait photographer. Now is an excellent time to write that novel, start a blog, or pick up freelance writing work.

Another option is to continue working in your field but in a more flexible work environment. For example, if you were a teacher, you could substitute teach or become a college instructor. Your administrative assistant skills make you a perfect candidate for a virtual assistant role. Any previous sales experience can land you a second career as a real estate agent or a part-time job in a retail store you love to shop in. If you held a leadership role in your career, you could offer your services as a consultant to new or small businesses in the area. An accounting background makes you an excellent seasonal tax preparer.

Search for the Right Position

Start your search for work through online job boards, career fairs, or networking in a professional organization in your field. To increase your chances of landing the job, update your resume and practice your interviewing skills. Don’t hesitate to sharpen your skills through an online course or a class at the local community college.

Start Your Own Business

Retirement is an ideal time to start your own business and take advantage of the talents and skills you learned during your career. This time, you determine the days and hours you will work. If you decide to go this route, consider structuring your new company as a limited liability company (LLC). An LLC provides you with many advantages, including flexibility in profit sharing, less administrative paperwork, easier taxes, and protection of your assets should you face a legal challenge. Each state has different regulations for forming an LLC, so familiarize yourself with Florida’s LLC rules before beginning the process. Then, instead of paying a lawyer’s high fees, you can complete the steps yourself or use a formation service.

Whether you find a job doing something you love or launch your own business, you can enjoy the financial and social benefits of working during your Florida retirement. That can make your golden years even more enjoyable.